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5 DIY Projects That Can Sell Your Home Fast

So you’re considering putting your home up on the market, but you want it to sell quickly and for a higher price point. You probably remember what it was like shopping for homes, and you’re likely doing it now if you’re selling your home soon. When shopping for homes, you know a little can go a long way. To appeal to a buyer, you have to think like a buyer! We have put together a few small projects that can sell your home fast.

Curb Appeal

The front of your house is the first thing a buyer will see when home shopping, so it makes sense to make an excellent first impression! Many questions a potential buyer will have are: Is the exterior clean? Has the grass been mowed, and is it green and lively? Have these flower beds received attention? These are things to remember when you’re looking at ramping up your curb appeal. It may be time to power wash the siding or tend to those overgrown shrubs.


Do you remember the last time you put a fresh coat of paint on the walls? Now may be the time to hit up your local paint and hardware store to get your Picasso on! The walls in our home can tell many stories of the memories you’ve shared, which can also be where we see most of the wear and tear throughout the home. Of course, this can go for accent walls, too. However, even the trendiest of accent walls may make your home more challenging to sell, so we recommend painting with a neutral color palette to appeal to the most buyers.  

Deep Clean

When you first speak with a real estate agent, they may recommend decluttering your space. You want buyers to use their imagination to better envision their lives in your (now) home. While organizing, this would be an excellent time to get that Swiffer out and reach all those high and low hiding spots to ensure a tidy home. A few places we often miss while doing our standard cleaning are baseboards, crown molding, ceiling fans, light fixtures, window treatments, and shelving units. 

Odor Control

When prospective buyers walk through your home, you want your home to smell nice and clean. Even if you may not notice any foul smells, this could potentially be a deal breaker! You can get some plug-in air deodorizers, or you may opt for hiring someone to come and professionally deodorize the space. A fresh coat of paint can also help mask those lingering odors.

Repair and Replace

So, you’ve accepted an offer, and it’s time for the buyers to complete the inspection. As you may remember, more often than not, there is something the inspector will find that will need to be repaired or replaced. It’s a good idea to complete a final walkthrough of your home before putting it on the market and repair or replace anything that is not in working order to avoid expensive surprises. In addition to those large ticket items, remember to replace any small fixtures, such as a burnt-out light bulb or air filters.

In conclusion

We hope these few tricks can help with your home selling process. Remember, this is an exciting time, and as sad as it is to leave your old memories behind, a brighter future is always coming with your next home! Need more projects that can sell your home fast? Contact Flash Realty Solutions today. Happy selling!