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5 Proven Ways To Find Real Estate Cash Buyers

The housing market has been crazy for a while now, and people are looking into cash buyers instead of the average 57-day process it takes to close on a house in the typical fashion. If selling your home quickly is your number one concern, choosing a cash buyer could be the option for you! But you need to find cash buyers first. So how do you do that? We’ll tell you! We’re sharing five surefire ways to find real estate cash buyers today. 

1. Go to Real Estate Agents for Help

Real estate agents are experts! If they’ve been in the industry long enough, they will know a few investors out there. So, if you’re having trouble starting the search for an investor or cash buyer, start with a real estate agent. Tell them what you’re looking for and see if they have anyone in their network they can connect you with! 

2. Property Auctions

Properties are put up for auction when a homeowner stops making payments on their mortgage, and they go into foreclosure. People who attend these auctions prepared to buy are people who have the cash they can spend on these properties. If you want to network with cash buyers and market your property for sale, show up at the courthouse on auction day. Cash buyers might be eager to hear your offer!

3. Join Clubs

There are clubs for everything these days, and real estate clubs are no exception! There are small, local clubs and larger, nationwide groups you can look into. This is another great way to network and meet cash buyers who might be interested in your property. However, make sure you do research before joining a club. Some might have membership fees, and others might not be credible or have ulterior motives. 

4. Craigslist

Connecting with landlords on craigslist can be an excellent way to find cash buyers. Many people are on craigslist looking for their next fixer-upper. Not all listings are reliable and legitimate, so before you sign or pay anything, make sure you’ve done due diligence. For help finding a reliable buyer this way, contact Flash Realty Solutions!

5. Fixer-Upper Open Houses

Like property auctions, it’s very common to find cash buyers at fixer-upper open houses. There’s a good chance you’ll run into one or two cash buyers who are looking for an investment opportunity. Network with them! Introduce yourself, ask for their card, and follow up with them later about your property.


If you’re looking for real estate cash buyers, contact Flash Realty Solutions in Houston, Texas, today. We are experts in the industry and can help you sell your home to a cash buyer the right way. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information.