Decluttering Tips to Sell Your Home: How to Conquer the Mess

declutter your home

Decluttering Tips to Sell Your Home: How to Conquer the Mess

When planning to sell your home, you want to get a buyer within the shortest time possible and at the best price. One of the easiest ways to give your home a boost and enhance its look and feel is by decluttering. Here are the simple tips for conquering the mess.

Declutter the Hallway

As a buyer comes to inspect your home, the first point of contact is in the hallway. That’s why you need to ensure that you arrange every item to fit in its rightful place.

The first thing you need to do is to sort out all accessories. For instance, re-arrange shoes and clothes in various storages to create more space and make the place look brighter and larger.

Clear off Paperwork

The next thing you should do is to tidy up the paperwork. Check for pieces of paper and dispose of them or put them in an organized place. Clean up stacks of bills, mail and catalogs so your home looks more welcoming. 

Remove and Re-Arrange Furniture

If you have excess furniture in the living spaces that you do not plan to keep, donate or otherwise get rid of it to create more room. Move oversized furniture you plan to keep, like coffee tables and large sitting chairs into a storage until to give the appearance of a bigger space. Once you remove the unneeded pieces, re-arrange the ones left-back to make the place look livable and presentable. 


Maybe, you have a beautiful wedding or family event photos framed on your walls. Much as it may look presentable to you, it may give a different meaning and impression to the buyer.

So, remove anything that may cause the buyer to change their mind even if they were determined to purchase the home. Remove all personal pictures or artwork to give the buyer a clear visual of the house and to allow them to picture themselves and/or their family moving it. 

Declutter the Kitchen

Most buyers often focus more on the kitchen area when planning to buy a home. The kitchen should be presentable to influence the purchasing power of the buyer. Decluttering your kitchen is one of the best tips to sell your home faster.

First, remove the appliances, especially the old ones, and keep them away. If you do not plan to use them for a while, moving them into a storage unit or the garage may serve you well. Create a space for all your appliances and arrange them properly to make the kitchen appealing.

Check the cupboards and tidy them up by removing any duplicates or items that are broken or old. You can donate or sell them. If you have any plastering and artwork on your fridge, you need to remove them as well.

Don’t forget the pantry! Pantry size can be a sizeable factor when determining if a space is suitable.If there is a light in the pantry, make sure it produces sufficient light. Throw out expired goods and tidy up to give the appearance of a larger pantry

Declutter the Bedroom

Buyers want to purchase a comfortable home, and it all starts with the bedroom. Meaning, you need to declutter your bedroom. If there is extra furniture in the bedroom, consider removing it to create a good impression. Declutter the wardrobes to make the room and storage space appear larger. Consider replacing large bed frames and end tables with smaller, less obtrusive ones to make the rooms seem larger. 

The Bottom Line

Selling a home can be one of the most challenging and frustrating things. But with the right tips, you can conquer the mess and sell off your home within the shortest time possible. You can get a no-obligation quote for a cash offer on your home to enable you to sell your home as-is.