Home Inspection: What to Expect
Surveyor In Hard Hat And High Visibility Jacket With Digital Tablet Carrying Out House Inspection

Home Inspection: What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Home Inspection

Okay so you listed your home on the market and found a buyer—now what? Next up is the home inspection, which can be highly stressful. They always find something. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “nothing is wrong, we’ve kept up with the house.” Unfortunately, your inspector knows exactly what to look for, and there is always something.

Instead of waiting for you to be taken off guard, we’d like to help prepare you for the worst. Here is a list of some of the most common things inspections usually turn up with. Take a look, do what you can. But it is important to remember that there will always be something, so no need to stress. Sometimes homebuyers are willing to take care of the small fixes themselves, so it’s important to advocate for yourself and make sure you’re ready for whatever comes.

The Roof, It Gets You Every Time

One of the most common issues found during everyone’s home inspection is roof issues. Even one faulty shingle can be a mark against you.

 Faulty Foundation

Another issue people don’t think about is improper installment. Roofs take on the elements, so it’s important to build them correctly. A roof that has undergone significant wear and tear is likely to suffer from water damage, or is one heavy rain away from leaking. More often than not, inspectors will find an issue that has resulted from water damage.

Knowing Your Materials

It is important to know the signs of wear and tear on your shingles. Cupping, curling, and splitting are the most common issues to look for, but even if you’re prepared you may miss the more subtle signs.

Asphalt only has a life expectancy of about 40 years. If they’re outdated, it’s likely that the inspector will require you to update your roof. Wood shingles have a similar lifetime, but are more likely to succumb to the elements. If your roof is made from terra cotta or concrete you are far more likely to pass the inspection, as they have an estimated lifetime of up to 100 years!

Electrical Wiring: A Shocking Discovery

This is one area that inspectors will dedicate a lot of attention to, so as to prevent fires from starting. Electrical wiring issues are likely to be found during your home inspection. There are several reasons you may have faulty wiring:Wear and tear from age

  • Wear and tear from age
  • Rodent/insect issues
  • Exposed wire

Know Your Wires

Like everything else, wiring is subject to time. Coverings could have worn down over time, leaving wires exposed and giving the home a predisposition to being caught in a fire. One spark could bring down your entire house.

The Downfall of Every Home Inspection: Insects

Unfortunately, insects can cause big issues. Mice and insects like to chew on anything and everything they can find, including electrical wires. These little nibblers can cause big issues such as exposing wires or even cutting through them completely. This could lead to an entirely different set of wiring issues.

A Crumbling Foundation: It All Falls Down

Unfortunately, all of the wear and tear that can occur to the roof and electrical wiring can also occur to the very foundation of your home. Rodents like to hide in attics, and they love to nest in the fiberglass. They aren’t always easy to detect, so don’t panic if they find some issues during your home inspection. Termites are also a hazard to the foundation of homes, as they infest and eat at the support system.

You’re Prepared for Your Home Inspection. Now What?

If you are looking to sell your home and need to be prepared for your home inspection, feel free to give Flash Realty a call and they can do their own walk through. After taking a look at your home, we will give you feedback on your best course of action (sell to us as-is, fix it up and list it for market price, or fix it up and sell for more cash). If you sell to Flash Realty solutions for cash rest assured that you can skip the inspection process altogether, as we make as-is offers.