How to Sell Your Parents’ House When They Can’t (For Any Reason)

Sell Your Parent’s House, if They Can’t, Here’s How!

My parents have been good to me over the years. They’ve given me advice when I needed it and helped me through some big decisions and life choices. I was recently tasked with selling my parent’s house. They live in the Houston area, and I live out of state. I love my parents, but I sure dreaded selling my parents house. Luckily, I found a quick and easy solution.  Here’s how you can sell your parent’s house in a FLASH.

How It Usually Works

Most buyers want a home that is move-in ready. They want to be shown a clean, well-maintained home that they can imagine themselves living in. That means that all the quirks my parents had lived with over the years were now repairs that had to be made. The faucet that had to be turned off “just so” to avoid leaks needed a plumber. 

That one light fixture in the high stairwell would finally need the bulb changed. They had to buy a new refrigerator to replace the one that froze all the veggies unless they were on the top shelf.

Selling my parent’s house should involve getting the carpets and whole house professionally cleaned. I would be in charge of scheduling and supervising that. 

All the clutter and items for everyday living would have to be packed, moved, and stored so that the property could be staged.

Professional photographs would be taken. Lights and utilities had to left on so that the house could be shown properly.

In addition, after the house was ready to list, we would have to wait for an offer. Selling parents house could take quite a long time while they lived in temporary housing. After an offer was made, the worry about the appraisal and inspection would start. Commission costs, closing costs, and unexpected delays and expenses.

This was time we didn’t have and money we didn’t want to spend. It was a lot.

How to Avoid This Hassle When Selling Your Parent’s House

Then I found out about Flash Realty Solutions. Selling parents house became a simple and straight-forward process. I called the office and told them about the place. They did some research and sent an agent out for an appointment.

And guess what? They bought the house as it was. What a relief! There were no repairs to be made, cleaning to do, or timelines to worry about. No appraisals or inspections. No photographs or multiple showings.

My parents decided when they wanted to close. They got a fair price for their home without jumping through all the hoops of the regular process. There were no hidden fees. Flash Realty Solutions let us avoid closing costs, commissions, photos, and a timeline that didn’t fit their schedule. Best of all, they paid cash.

I can’t recommend Flash Realty Solutions enough. Selling my parents home was so easy. If you need to sell your parent’s house and want to sell it fast, call 832-934-8856 or Email:

These great professionals made selling parents home so easy!