Did You Inherit a Houston Home? Sell it Quickly & Hassle Free

Sell an Inherited Home in Houston Hassle Free

To inherit a home in Houston can be bitter sweet. One one hand an inherited home can be used as a primary residence, rental property or be sold for profit. On the other hand the process tends to be stressful and quite emotional. If you have decided to sell the property here are a few steps to take to ensure a stress free process. 

Think About the Mortgage

It can be easy to assume you inherited the entire value of the home that someone just passed along to you, but there is often still debt that is left behind. The state of the mortgage influences how quick and easy it is to sell the property. 

The home may also be underwater if the value went down and more money is owed on the property than what it’s worth. It’s important to research if the mortgage is due when you transfer the ownership. 

There may also be a reverse mortgage on the house, which means the previous owner was receiving cash from the equity of the house. You’ll need to pay the balance of the reverse mortgage when you sell the property.

Hire a Good Agent

Hiring an experienced real estate agent is one of the best ways to sell a  inherited house quickly. The professional can help you take the best course of action and handle the repairs, taxes, and mortgage. The agent will help you to avoid common legal mistakes when selling an inherited home to ensure it’s done correctly to ensure you can protect yourself.

Find a Cash Buyer

Consider finding a cash buyer to ensure you can get your money fast and prevent the house from sitting on the market for several months, which can cause it to lose value. This option is an excellent option if the mortgage is already paid in full, and you don’t want to hassle marketing the property or hiring a real estate agent.

Perform an Inspection and Repairs

If you’re wondering how to sell my inherited home fast, consider hiring a professional to perform a thorough inspection of the property to uncover any issues that may be present. Getting an idea of the repairs that are needed on the house can allow you to get an idea of how much it’s worth and if you need to invest any money into the building before finding a buyer. 

A pre-listing inspection can also help the house sell quicker because it can offer buyer confidence and help you to avoid any surprises if the buyer chooses to hire their own inspector to take a look at the building.

Sell Your Inherited Home Fast

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote for a cash offer on your home when you’re ready to sell it quickly. We’ll answer your questions and can make the transaction as smooth and efficient as possible regardless of if you choose to work with us. You have enough on your plate, see how we can help you in a flash today.