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Moving Tips: How to Move for Less

Moving Is Expensive, How Do I Cut Down on Expenses?

Moving is a pain from every angle, but perhaps the most painful part is its damage to your wallet. Packing costs, moving costs, housing costs, the list goes on. You can try to make a budget, but before you know it, you’ve gone way over before you even leave your home. So how do you move for less?

There are some moving tips that can allow you to save a buck here and there – use your friends, pack yourself, find the right boxes, the list goes on. So whether you’re saving for an engagement ring or need to cut costs for rent, Flash Realty Solutions has you covered with these moving tips.

Ways To Save A Buck (Or A Couple Hundred)

Tip #1: Don’t pay for boxes

Of all the moving tips, this one can save a ton. Buying enough boxes to store everything you own can get expensive, so why not opt for the free option? Retail stores get hundreds of boxes every month, and what happens to them? They get recycled. If you visit your local retail stores, or even large chains like Lowe’s or Home Depot at the end of the day, chances are they’ll give you more than enough boxes to get you started. You may have to buy the wrapping paper, but sometimes they’ll give you some of that too! Sure, you may have to buy those oddly shaped boxes for that random art fixture that seemed like a good idea at the time, but what’s one box compared to a hundred?

Tip #2: Skip the movers

I know, it sounds daunting. And it is. You own a lot of stuff. But if you see a couple of guys who need a hundred bucks (or even just a large pizza if you’re lucky), then it will be money well saved. Hire some friends (or even some trusted acquaintances off of Facebook) to help you load up the Uhaul and unpack at the next location. Even if they want some cash, it’ll be cheaper than hiring a moving company. The downside? Nothing is insured. If you’re worried about anything getting damaged, it might be safer to hire a moving company, so they are liable if anything is harmed during the transition.

Tip #3: Take several trips

This may sound weird, but it works! If your move out and move in dates overlap, it might be beneficial to take your time transitioning over. Step one, get some high-quality plastic bins (you can find huge ones at Walmart that work just fine). Second, fill as many as you can with as much as possible. Step 3, unpack them at your new home. Lastly, take them back home, refill them. Rinse and repeat! This will save money on boxes and reduce the need to hire movers. Plus, you’d be surprised how many things need to be transported, rather than wrapped and packed.

One More Moving Tip

Get rid of the excess

You would be shocked at how much random and unneeded stuff you can accumulate over time. If you’re going to touch everything you own, you might as well donate some of it. ASetaside things you don’t need anymore and donate them to charity! As you pack, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, plus it’s one less thing you have to move! I like to take the opportunity to replace all that stuff I’ve been talking about replacing forever – the comforter, the dishes, the towels… I’d rather someone else pack and ship it to my new place than move the old stuff. This doesn’t save you money, but it sure makes moving more fun! 

Ready, Set, Move!

Now you’re ready. Congratulations, you’ve just cut down on your moving costs, and you have everything you need to prepare for your move, now you need to do it….how fun! If you’re ready to move but can’t seem to sell your home, Flash Realty Solutions is prepared to buy your house today for cash. So contact us today and let us do our part to get you into your dream home today. And maybe give you a little extra spending money in the process.