Moving Soon? Here’s How to Pack like a Pro for Smooth Move

Learn How to Pack for a Move like a Pro

pack like a pro to move quickly

Pack like a pro with our tips and ideas because we all know a move can be one of the more stressful tasks an individual or family goes through. They need to pack their entire lives into a series of boxes all while juggling everyday tasks like jobs, school, activities etc. 

Fear not, because even the usually unorganized can move like a pro with patience and a few simple steps. Here’s how to pack for a move.

Inventory Everything

Before it’s wrapped and goes into a box, everything that goes with you has to be inventoried. Even the smallest items, like silverware, must be tallied on a checklist. If you feel it’s necessary, write the box’s contents on its front or tape a paper list to its surface. This makes finding necessities early on in the unpacking stage easier. 

Pack Similar Items Together

An important tip to remember to move like a pro is to pack similar items together. Don’t place kitchen items with bedroom materials. Look at what you need to pack in one room, estimate the number of boxes, and only use them for the specific space. Don’t add items from another room to fill the box. Label each box as to which room it goes in for extra ease unpacking. 

Pack Heavy To Light

To start, line each box with a layer of newspaper or bubble wrap. Then, add the room’s heaviest items first. Cover them with lighter products.

Don’t pack the box exclusively with heavy items and don’t feel like you have to pack every box to the tippy top. Fill boxes that are getting too heavy with paper and packing peanuts to keep items from shifting. Packing boxes too heavy can be difficult for movers to carry and can cause problems for you when you need to unpack it in your new home.

Leave Space At The Top

Avoid filling boxes to the brim with inventory. There’s every chance they’ll break once moved. As a result, you’ll lose items during the move. Instead, fill the space with layers of newspaper or bubble wrap. It should be full but not full enough so that the box closes without bulges.

Use Packing Tape

Don’t cheap out on the tape you choose to seal the boxes with. Items like painter’s tape come off easily, and that’s simply not something you need to happen. Use packing tape to close the box’s top and bottom seams. You can also use duck tape for an extra-strong seal.

Pack A Separate Box Of Necessities

The worst thing to happen once you get to your new residence is to search through all the boxes for a specific tool, toy, or clothing. To prevent this, pack one, or several, boxes of necessities. These can include several days of clothing, tools, favorite toys, and snacks. In the end, it eases the stress related to a move. One of our favorite tricks is to use colored boxes or to tape bright paper or sticky notes to these boxes so that they are easily identified. 

As you see, learning how to pack for a move isn’t as difficult as you think. However, selling your home can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you are sick of open houses and are struggling to get and keep an acceptable offer. If this is the case, then contact us to get a no-obligation quote for a cash offer on your home