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What Is A Distressed Property?

Oftentimes when people think about distressed property in Houston, they picture a run-down home with a poorly kept lawn, maybe even some broken windows. While this is true, it’s really only one version of a distressed home. There are several different factors that make a home distressed. To the surprise of some, they aren’t always easily apparent.

To break down what a distressed home is, it’s important to understand a few of the major categories. While some of these factors are different, many often come hand-in-hand.

Fire Damage

From the loss of beloved memories and keepsakes down to the tangible damage done to your home, fire can be very cruel. After a house fire, life never really feels the same. Oftentimes, homeowners can’t even bear the thought of moving back into a distressed property like this because they know it will never be the same.
When you want to sell a fire-damaged house, there’s some thinking to do. First, you should start by contacting your homeowner’s insurance. Speak to someone who can help you understand your benefits and help you figure out your options. An agent might also be able to set you up with a temporary place to stay.
Next, you might want to find a restoration company to clean up the soot and ash as well as address the water damage from the hoses.

Should I fixed my fire-damaged house?

If you can afford to make the repairs to your house and want to move back in, examine the extent of the repairs. For smaller damage, people take on the projects themselves. When the damage is significant, they have to hope insurance will cover it.

If you simply don’t want to deal with the damage of your distressed property in Houston, you might consider a cash offer. At Flash Realty Solutions, we work with people who want to sell distressed homes in all kinds of conditions.

We arrange a fast, convenient sale so that you can start to move on with your life instead of diving into the long, expensive process of home repairs.

Outdated & Costly

Another form of distressed property in Houston is an outdated home. Perhaps it’s been decades since you first moved into your home. Are you ready to relocate to a more modern property? Before you make an offer on a new house, you might feel worried about whether your outdated home will sell on the market.
Preparing an outdated home for the real estate market can require extensive repairs and updates that leave it sitting there for months as you try to cover the mortgage of a new property. If you want to sell it as-is, you might be concerned that you simply won’t net a profit because it’s in poor condition.
At Flash Realty Solutions, we buy distressed property in Houston and love to work with outdated homes. When you want to sell an older house, reach out to our team of professional home investors for a no-obligation cash offer!

Selling your outdated home to an investor

When fixing an outdated home feels like an uphill battle, selling your home as-is is a great option to consider. Working with Flash, you avoid the time and money it takes to make extensive repairs. 

While we ask for a discount (since we take on the cost of repairs), we strive to provide Houston homeowners with a fair cash offer on their homes. This allows them to make a good profit on their house without having to wait for repairs to finish and for someone to make an offer.

Cracked Foundation & Structural Damage

Do you ever feel like your home is sinking or off level? When your house has structural damage, you might feel as though the floor is a little lower than it should be. Oftentimes, this is due to a problem with the foundation.
Uneven floors are just one symptom of structural damage. You might also start to seek cracks in tiles or doors that no longer properly fit in their frames. All of these are signs that there’s some structural damage to your home.

Symptoms of structural damages

Knowing what’s going on in your home is key to understanding how to sell it for a good price. When you want to sell your house as-is, these symptoms of structural damage can impact the ability to find a buyer and the price you get for a distressed property in Houston. 

  • Stair-step cracks show up on the sides of brick homes and are a classic sign of structural change. 
  • Vertical cracks can be harmless at times. Others signify a more serious problem and require an expert look. 
  • Drywall cracks usually appear around windows and door frames. This means your house is quite literally tearing up the drywall. 
  • Tile cracks should have you grabbing a level to determine whether your floor is even. 
  • Jutting doors and windows are a clear sign that your distressed property has structural issues. This often points to a shifting foundation.

Why Sell Distressed Property to a Home Investor in Houston?

Selling distressed property in Houston is not easy. As professional homebuyers in Houston, we love getting to know our neighbors and helping them make the best real estate decisions for their situation.

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Whatever your reason to sell may be, we buy distressed homes with a fair cash offer. Moreover, we treat our neighbors with the dignity and respect that they deserve. When you reach out to Flash for a quote on a fair cash offer, you have no obligation. If you don’t like the offer, as a solutions based brokerage, we will work with you to find the right solutions for your needs.

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