Selling Your House After a Fire

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

If you’ve never experienced a house fire, count your blessings. It’s also a good time, if you haven’t already, to take steps to protect your house and your loved ones in the event you have one. 

  • Make sure you have working smoke detectors installed in key areas such as near the kitchen. 
  • Check and change out the batteries regularly. 
  • Regularly clean the lint trap in your dryer to avoid fires. 
  • Rent a safe deposit box for storing your important documents. 
  • Take an inventory of your possessions by taking multiple photographs. 
  • Insure your home adequately to rebuild if necessary

Of course, you can do all of these things and still experience a fire, but at least you’ll be somewhat prepared.

Sell or Repair?

If you’ve experienced a house fire, contact your insurance agent right away to report the incident. They’ll send out an adjuster to assess the damages and let you know how much money you can expect from your claim. You’ll also want to obtain the damage assessment report from the fire department. 

This report will document the cause of the fire and estimate your losses. It may also help guide your decision whether to make repairs or consider selling your house after a fire. When planning to make repairs, it’s best to get two or three estimates from contractors to show your insurance company. 

Furthermore, depending on the extent of the damages, you may also need to discuss payment from your insurance company for alternative living arrangements for you and your family while repairs are being made. Please note that even if the fire is isolated to a room or two, that the underlying structure may be damaged and upsafe. If the fire department suggests you find alternative housing during the repair process, heed their warning. 

Tips to Sell House After Fire

A house fire can be overwhelming, and oftentimes the emotional and financial toll can be too much. Your insurance settlement may or may not cover all the costs. Even if they do, it is not uncommon to decide on selling your house after a fire and starting anew somewhere else. 

A reputable fire restoration company can go a long way to address damages from smoke, fire, and water. This will need to be done quickly, as, left untended, mold can set in. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you do decide to sell, you will likely be required by law to share information about the house fire in the disclosure statement you provide to a potential buyer.

Cash Investors as an Option

Removing fire-damaged furniture and staging your living spaces with new, clean items can look nice, but these common practices may not work so well after a fire. Many buyers are reluctant to purchase a house that experienced a fire. And obtaining a mortgage loan for a fire-damaged home can sometimes be a hurdle meaning even an enthusiastic buyer may have trouble securing the funds. 

Cash investors, on the other hand, can offer a simple remedy. At Flash Realty Solutions, we buy houses for cash. We’ll assess your fire-damaged house and offer a fair cash price for it, as is

You won’t need to make repairs, which means you can walk away with your insurance settlement to put towards a new property. Moreover, you won’t need to pay commissions or closing costs either. If you’re ready for a fresh start, call us today for a free, no-obligation quote on your fire-damaged home.