Selling an Inherited Home From Your Parents: Take it Slow

Selling Inherited Property in a Flash

Selling an inherited home, especially from your parents can be emotional; take it slow.  The transfer of property from the deceased to the heir takes time. It’s not a matter of reading the will, and instantly the property is yours. Anything of value has to be transferred into your name and then filed at the county and state levels so that the property is officially yours and no one else’s. The decedent also has to be verified prior to property transferring to you, which is part of the probate lawyer’s job.

Even after you have inherited a house from your parents, you should consider whether or not you should sell it. Take it slowly, considering the fact that you don’t know how much of the home needs repairs or updates, nor do you know what it’s really worth. Selling inherited property should start with a proper assessment of value and then lead to a good selling time.

Selling My Inherited Home

If you are saying to yourself, “Selling my inherited home will give me the cash I really need,” you may be right. However, property values rise and fall. Telling others that you are “selling my inherited home” could lead to misfortune, not wealth. Selling an inherited property is all about timing and location.

Opportunistic investors may be interested when they hear “selling my inherited home” because they want to make a quick buck off of a desperate situation. Always work with someone upfront and honest. If you choose to sell to an investor, know you do exchange equity for the sale’s ease, but you should never feel taken advantage of. Ask what repairs the buyer plans to make and about the associated costs. If the value they offer for the home still makes sense, then consider the option. 

Who Will Sell My Inherited Home If Not Me?

Understandably, you are wondering, “Who will sell my inherited home if I don’t?” There are a lot of ways to sell a home, and we would be more than happy to help. We will buy the home from you outright and sell it ourselves so that you have quick access to real cash right now. We can wait to sell the home because we have the time to do that.

Our specialists are realtors and real estate agents, so we can also list the property for you if purchasing it outright does not make sense. You maintain your ownership of it until such a time as we find a buyer. If you change your mind and want to sell as soon as possible, we can make that happen.

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