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Should I Sell To A Home Investor?

What does it mean to sell your house to a home investor? If you want a faster and potentially easier home-selling process, selling your home to an investor can mean you avoid things like inspection contingencies and appraisal concerns. However, selling to an investor isn’t right for everyone, so you should know the ups and downs. We will talk about the benefits and downsides of selling your home to an investor to help you answer the question, “Should I Sell to a Home Investor?”


Very Little Prep Work

When people sell their homes traditionally, it’s very common for them to put a lot of money into the prep work process. On top of hiring professionals for things like cleaning or replacing carpet to repainting, fixing up, staging, etc., people also have to clean their homes and declutter their items to make their homes tip-top shape. When you sell to an investor, you don’t have to list your home on the market if they’re an iBuyer. It’s usually a speedy process, and minimal elbow grease has to go into selling your house to an investor. 

Cash Offers

It’s common for investors to make cash offers, making the process even more accessible than selling your home regularly. There’s no danger of the buyer’s appraisal coming in below the offer and killing the deal. Additionally, selling to an investor is a great option for cash offers if your home doesn’t qualify for financing. 


Lower Offers

Even though an investor will give you a fair offer, it will almost always be lower than what you would get from a traditional buyer. However, keep the following things in mind when you think about this:

  1. First, you won’t pay for prep work.
  2. Second, the offer reflects needed repairs.
  3. Third, there is a lack of emotional connection to a home from investors. 

Possible Scams with Cash Offers

Real estate agents must be licensed to represent buyers and sellers, but investors don’t need any credentials to purchase a property. Because of this, it is riskier to consider offers from investors vs. real estate agents, and you could find yourself in the middle of a scam. However, here are a few ways you can avoid home investor scams:

  1. First, call their office and ask about recent purchases. 
  2. Check their website or ask for supporting materials if they don’t have a website.
  3. Read online reviews.
  4. Check the local Better Business Bureau for warnings.
  5. Never give the investor cash before the closing date, and even when that date comes, transactions should occur through closing or escrow agent. 


Contact Flash Realty Solutions in Houston, Texas, if you’re considering selling your home to an investor. We want to help you sell your home, whether to a new family or an investor! We can help you navigate the process and ensure you don’t get caught up in a scam. Call our office today to speak with an agent about your home-selling situation.