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Debunking the Stigma Against Cash Home Sellers

Cash Home Buyers Are On Your Side

No one likes to feel like they are backed into a corner, which can unfortunately be the case if you’re left with a home you don’t want to (or can’t) keep. Whether it be the death of a family member or an unprecedented financial crisis to blame, cash home buyers are here to help get you out of a less than ideal situation. Here are just some of the ways we are here for you.

Cash Home Buyers Want to Help, Not Make Things Worse

The most common misconception regarding quick house buyers is that they don’t care about anything besides buying your property. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Flash Realty Solutions, our goal is to help you. That may mean buying your home quickly for a lump sum of cash. However, that may not be in your best interest. Each home and situation is different, and Flash Realty Solutions is determined to help you find the solution that is best for you. 

Our licensed agents will evaluate both the property and the situation and give you recommendations accordingly. For many a quick cash offer is the best option for their needs and goals. For others it is in their best interest to complete some or even larger repairs and list the house on market.  And for others, a creative solution like purchasing and renting it back works best. Our interest lies in helping you meet your goals whoever that may be.

We Know How to Evaluate the Value of Your House

While many people in the market are not licensed, that is far from the case at Flash Realty Solutions. We have over 30 years’ experience as cash home buyers, evaluating and pricing homes, and all property specialists are licensed real estate agents.

What does that mean for you?

If you are working with someone without a license, they may not be able to accurately determine the value of your house. This could result in either a very low offer, or equally as bad an inability to fulfill their side of the bargain. If you need to sell your house fast, a faulty estimate or flaky offer could mean foreclosure or a missed payment. Upon evaluation, our agents will be able to evaluate your home for its current value, determine the needed repairs and renovations, and what the home is worth after said changes. We will walk you through these numbers and if you choose to list your home,  we will happily provide recommendations as to what repairs/changes need to be made in order to sell in a competitive market. 

If you choose to sell for cash, you get all of the benefits and expertise of an agent without the commission fee a realtor would charge. If you decide to try to list your home at market price, but still have a deadline, we can work with you on a safety net cash offer.

But Why Should You Trust a Cash Home Buyer?

We Flip Our Own Homes 

We are able to renovate your home for much less than outside parties, which means we can offer you more! The price of renovations is included in the bid for your home. What does this mean? We charge less to renovate, so more money goes straight to you rather than into fixing up your property. We also cover typical closing costs, we don’t ask for commission, and we don’t charge marketing fees.

We Are Local

As local cash home buyers, we are not interested in a property we haven’t seen, and we never make an offer on a property before we evaluate it. Please be mindful of companies and individuals who make an offer on your home without seeing it. Read the language of the contract and be sure they are not able to change their offer down the road if you accept it. We have your best interests at heart and are fully committed to serving the Houston area in our own way. 

Cash Home Buyers Want Your Home As Is and We Want It Now

We are in the business of flipping houses, so the rougher the better. We don’t need you to renovate your home to increase the value. When you work with us, we want to make a deal that leaves you feeling like you won, not like you got taken advantage of. 

Ready to Sell? Contact Us for a Cash Offer Today!

Selling a home can be scary, but selling a home fast can be terrifying. We are the local home cash buyers you can trust. Don’t wait to take one more thing off your plate, check out Flash Realty Solutions and schedule your consultation today!